Pre install notes

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To run J2EP you need an application server implementing the J2EE servlet specification of version 2.4 or later. You will need J2SE 1.4 or later to run J2EP.

J2EP depends on some external libraries. The libraries needed are all licensed under the same license as J2EP (Apache 2.0) and are included in the release. The libraries are:


The following installation instructions are assuming you are running Tomcat 5.5 . If you aren't, consult your container's manual for instructions on how to deploy a WAR.

Installing the proxy is rather easy, all you have to to is extract the WAR from the release and deploy it to your container. For tomcat this is done from the manager, located at http://localhost:8080/manager/html at default. In the manager look up "WAR file to deploy" and in the "file input" locate the WAR included with this release. Now, simple press "Deploy".

Run in ROOT context

After you have deployed the webapp a good thing to do is change the name for your new directory to make sure that the proxy is running in the root. This isn't necessary and the proxy will work under any context but you usually want the proxy to handle all requests to the server.

Test that it works

Make sure you have deployed the proxy with the default configuration file before continuing. The following text also assumes that you are running the proxy in the ROOT context, otherwise you have to add the context to the links.

Try connection to http://localhost:8080/, or the URL where you are running your server and have deployed the proxy to. Going to this page should let you see the web page.

Try to go to http://localhost:8080/news/ instead. This is a mapping of the page as found in the configuration. Compare the page to

In fact there is a difference between the two pages. This is a problem with link rewriting which you can read about in the rewrite manual. Logo